The Brand

How it all started...

When I began in the fashion industry, I had just graduated from the Medical School at the University of Campinas (Unicamp) and was starting my specialization in pediatrics at the University of São Paulo (USP)

I always felt very free to make my own choices, and perhaps for this reason I had the courage to make a sharp shift in my life. Without abandoning my profession, I searched for a new approach and, instead of caring about the children’s symptoms and prescribing treatments, I decided to bring them more beauty, comfort and joy.

No doubt it was a great challenge. I was only familiar with symptoms, diagnostics and treatments and knew nothing about patterns, fabrics or sewing machines. I therefore started in 1985 with a small multibrand store – in São Paulo’s Liberdade district -, making a dream, I hadn’t yet dreamt, come true.

While buying for the store, as a young mother I missed products that could join beauty, aesthetics, practicality and comfort, critical features for the children. This is how the first of the uncountable challenges emerged: that of creating products different from the ones provided by the market, that is, innovating.

The first GREEN collection was created with six styles that were recognized by more experient professionals as something new and very interesting. With the initial intention of producing 300 parts, we were surprised by the first order of 3000 parts. Since then the dream started to come true, growing a lot bigger than we had ever expected for that moment.

It was believing in the capacity of my team, built only a couple of years before, that I faced the first faced the first economic crisis offering our products to the USA, the most competitive of markets. It was really a large and challenging step. But what was most important was that I believed and faced this challenge because even with the little avalable infrastructure we were able to complete and deliver the orders.

From then on we just had to keep on growing for at that moment I realized that GREEN was already in the market and it was time to outline the goals.

This is how GREEN was born, not limited to dressing children, but believing that one can make all dreams come true, it’s just believing and starting.

Márcia Oura,
Founder of Green by Missako

“Not knowing it was impossible he went there and did it” Jean Cocteau